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Number of voters who say the economy is top issue grows, while abortion is unchanged

Across party lines, a clear majority consider the economy to be ‘very important’ when casting their vote.

78% have reduced personal spending – 4% increase from September.

Support for 15-week abortion plan grew over past two months; support for the current law shrunk by the same amount.

21% fewer say abortion is ‘very important’ when compared to the economy

56% say abortion is “very important” when casting their vote.

Crime, parental rights, transgender issues and healthcare all on voters minds, but to a lesser extent than the Economy.

Majority of Republicans, Democrats & Independents say crime is ‘very important’ to them when casting their vote

Parental rights remain important to voters.

Regardless of who wins control of General Assembly, voters want action on healthcare.

Biden’s approval rating decreases since Labor Day

While Governor Glenn Youngkin’s approval rating has consistently hovered near the 60% mark, President Joe Biden’s approval rating has declined.

Generic Republican/Democrat ballot remains split on Election Eve

In the final days leading up to the election, surveyed voters are split 50/50 between voting for Republicans or Democrats.