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Republicans still prefer to vote on Election Day, but by much smaller margin than previous cycles.

  • While 52% of Republicans surveyed say they plan to vote on Election Day, 41% say they will vote early.

  • 54% of Democrats say they will vote early compared to just 34% saying they plan to vote on election day.

  • 47% of self-reported independents plan to vote on Election Day.

Democrats evenly split on early voting method; Republicans prefer early in-person compared to voting by mail.

  • 37% of Republicans plan to vote early in-person, compared to just 4% by mail.

  • Males more likely to vote on election day (53%) compared to females (37%)

Conservatives overwhelmingly report seeing more early voting efforts than liberal voters

  • 51% of self-described conservative voters¬†report having seen, read or heard about increased early voting efforts compared to just 18% of self-described liberal voters.
  • 68% of self-described liberal voters report seeing no efforts regarding early voting

56% of those aged 65+ plan to vote early

  • 18-34 age group slowest to adopt early voting with 57% saying they plan to vote on Election Day.

Glenn Youngkin has a 58% approval rating compared to Biden’s 44% approval rating

  • Among Independents, Youngkin has a 65% approval rating.¬†

    • 48% Approval Rating among women

    • 39% approval rating among African Americans

  • Biden’s highest approvals come from African Americans with a 74% approval.

    • Lowest approval (12%) comes from those aged 18-34