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24% say inflation is top of mind when they head to the ballot box.

  • With Labor Day in the rearview mirror, the 63-day sprint to Election Day is underway.
  • New polling shows 74% have reduced spending due to the rising national cost of living.
  • All regions of the Commonwealth are feeling the pinch, but more so in battle ground districts located in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area.

Abortion a distant 2nd; 15% say the issue will be determining factor. 

  • 47% say there should be at least some restrictions on abortions
  • 85% say they are against abortion until birth.
  • Self-Identified Democrats say Abortion is their top issue, Republicans rank it as their 2nd least important issue.
  • Majority say they couldn’t vote for a candidate who has differing views on abortion
  • Healthcare, Election Integrity, Economy/Jobs tie for third most important issue (8%)
  • Parental Rights (7%) Infrastructure (4%) and Tax reform (2%) round out top issues

    Only 11% of likely voters are undecided on who they will support in their respective districts.

    • 32% of Independents remain undecided.
    • Largest block of undecided voters are in the Richmond Region with 18% saying their vote is still up for grabs.