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This poll was conducted in partnership with the Yorktown Foundation for Public Policy.


61% identify with the statement: “I used to have doubts about school choice, but I am more open to the idea of creating an option for kids who are struggling.”


By a 2-1 Margin, Voters Support School Choice


Virginians believe parents should have choices for their child’s education


Almost half of voters are more likely to support a General Assembly candidate who votes for school choice.


School choice gains popularity when presented as expanding opportunities

  • Self-reported Democrats are 40% more likely to support school choice when reminded that property taxes determine school district funding — meaning that areas with lower property values receive less local funding for schools than more affluent districts.

  • According to our polling, increased test scores is one of the most effective arguments in favor of school choice.

  • 43% of Democrats and 56% of Independents are more likely to support school choice knowing that studies have shown that more school choice options positively affect test scores in reading and math.

Most believe parents should have a significant influence on their child’s education

  • 62% believe parents should have a significant influence in their children’s schools, compared to only 30% who believe parents should defer to teachers and administrators.

  • More than half of independents agree

61% support allowing families to switch public schools.

    • 39% support inter and intra district school choice, whereas only 15% oppose both.

    • 15% support intra-district school choice only, and 5% only support inter-district choice.