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Party preference is the top factor voters consider when deciding their vote

  • Nearly a third of voters ranked political party endorsements as the most important factor when determining which candidate to vote for.
  • Digital media (13%) and candidate’s website (12%) are the next closest platforms where voters research candidates.

Voters say messaging about about biological boys competing in girls sports and sharing locker rooms is more believable than exaggerated

  • When it comes to statements regarding biological boys competing against girls in sports and sharing locker rooms, 46% of voters find the statements believable compared to only 37% who see the statements as exaggerated.

Unreported crimes against children in school is effective messaging

  • More than half of voters would be less likely to vote for a candidate who voted to let crimes against children go unreported.

Voters say candidates support of hiding information about children transitioning from parents is more believable than exaggerated

  • 50% say they would believe a statement that accused a candidate of voting to hide information from parents about their child’s gender.