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In our inaugural newsletter, likely Virginia voters listed inflation/the economy and abortion as their top issues.

  • 32% said Inflation/Economy/Jobs would be the determining issue for them at the ballot box.
  • 8% ranked Crime/Safety as their top issue of concern.

45% of Virginia Voters believe the criminal justice system is too lenient. 

  • Number balloons to 77% amongst conservatives, plummets to 14% amongst Democrats.
  • 42% of Independents agree.
  • More than half (54%) of those in the 65+ age group believe the system is too lenient.
  • Nearly 50% of all surveyed in the Norfolk area believe too many criminals are back on the street too soon.

31% of Virginia voters believe the criminal justice system is too strict.

  • Young voters (18-34) were the only age group where a majority (55%) believed the system is too strict.

“Which of the following statements is closest to your views on criminal justice and public safety in Virginia?”