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Virginians support an all-of-the-above approach to energy projects

Virginia consumes more energy than it produces, and Virginians are more likely to support diversifying our energy portfolio in light of this information.

Support for an all-of-the-above energy approach is consistent across all demographics and political affiliations.

Virginians support energy independence

  • Across demographics, Virginians believe that energy security and independence should be a priority.

Virginians would like to see more emphasis placed on solar and wind power

  • More than half of Virginians would like to see more emphasis on both wind and solar power.

Voters want the concerns of the community to be considered during the permitting process

Consistent across ideologies and political affiliations, Virginians believe that community concerns should be considered prior to permitting.

Support grows when tax revenue from solar projects goes to schools and first responders

  • 66% overall are more likely to support solar projects knowing that the tax revenue will go to schools and first responders.

    • Compared to 72% of women who share that belief

Virginians believe property rights apply to solar projects

At least 73% of every demographic in Virginia believes that local governments should not be able to limit landowner property rights by banning solar projects.