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Knowing there’s a budget surplus, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike would prefer candidates who advocate for tax relief.

    • More than 60% believe they are taxed too much.

    • Just over a quarter of voters believe they are taxed appropriately.

    • Recently, the General Assembly passed and Governor Youngkin signed a the amended budget that provided for more than $1 billion dollars in tax relief.
    • Two major components of the legislation were permanently increasing the standard deduction and issuing one-time tax rebates.
    • Overwhelmingly, voters statewide preferred the increase in the standard deduction by a 77%- 23% margin.

    Half believe tax relief should be distributed equally

    Most Virginians feel inflation’s impact the strongest at the grocery store 

    Our September 5th poll found that inflation is the top issue on voters’ minds this year.

    Voters are concerned about costs

    • The September poll showed that 74% have reduced spending due to the rising national cost of living.

    • All regions of the Commonwealth are feeling the pinch, but more so in battle ground districts located in the Norfolk/Hampton Roads area.

    Most support tax incentives for businesses

    • When framed as tools to promote economic growth, only 17% of voters statewide oppose tax incentives for businesses.

    • The most support for business tax incentives is in the D.C. DMA at 64%